Free State Firearms, LLC today announced that it will be making a major product availability announcement regarding its 9mm 1911 Sentry pistol on July 8th, 2021. The 9mm 1911 Sentry pistol is the company’s flagship user authenticated firearm for use in prisoner transfer / transport as well as civilian home defense applications.

The 9mm 1911 Sentry features Free State Firearms, LLC’s patent pending lock-out technology that is integrated with an RFID chip contained in a glove worn by the officer / owner. The officer must depress the grip safety on the firearm while wearing an RFID-enabled glove to permit firing. This helps to ensure that each 9mm 1911 Sentry firearm fires each and every time when it is supposed to AND ONLY when it is supposed to!

About Free State Firearms, LLC:

Free State Firearms, LLC’s sole mission is to save law enforcement and civilian lives. Full stop. Free State Firearms, LLC believes that one way to save lives lost from gunfire is to offer user authenticated firearms technology where the firearm can only be operated by its intended user.

Contact Information:

Tom Holland, President
[email protected]
(785) 594-3005