September 6th, 2023 – Baldwin City, KS

Free State Firearms, LLC announced today that six separate law enforcement organizations have completed beta product testing on its 9mm 1911 Sentry user authentication firearm (UAF).  These organizations evaluated the Sentry for certain service duties, including prisoner transfer/transport, field investigation work and off-duty / home security applications. 

“The cutting-edge technology being developed by Free State Firearms could have a profound effect on public safety in a multitude of environments,” stated Sheriff Nathan Johnson of Real County, Texas, one of the six jurisdictions to test the product. “With the rise of crime and the increasing necessity for citizens to have ready access to firearms, user authentication firearms (UAFs) are a paradigm shift to the status-quo and provide the best of both worlds when it comes to deployable but safe firearm access.”

Free State Firearms, LLC worked with the National Gun Safety Consortium (NGSC) to launch and facilitate the beta testing program with member jurisdictions.  One of the consortium’s main objectives is to promote emerging technologies that work to secure firearms.

“As a member of the National Gun Safety Consortium Board, we are pleased to collaborate with Free State Firearms, LLC in assessing the latest developments in user authentication firearm technology”, stated Police Chief Frank Kaminski (ret.) of Park Ridge, Illinois.  “Since its inception, the NGSC has been committed to working with innovators who are harnessing cutting-edge technologies for firearms and quick-access locking systems to reduce accidental shootings, suicides and thefts.  This product marks a significant stride in enhancing firearm safety.”

Using the historically reliable and proven 1911 firearm, the Sentry integrates Free State Firearms, LLC’s patent pending RFID Certifire Technology™. This system utilizes an encoded ring to authenticate the user and instantaneously activate the firearm. The Sentry fires only when an authorized user is gripping the firearm.

“This marks a major milestone for user authentication firearms,” said Tom Holland, President of Free State Firearms, LLC. “U.S. law enforcement professionals are validating the benefit of this type of firearm technology for both fellow officers and civilians in certain service duties.”

Free State Firearms, LLC intends to incorporate the agencies’ findings to further enhance the Sentry firearm as it is brought to production and expects to begin deliveries of the Sentry in the first quarter of 2024.

About Free State Firearms, LLC: Free State Firearms, LLC, is an ATF-licensed firearms manufacturer. Our mission is to design, develop, and bring to market innovative and reliable firearms technology that reduces the number of accidental / unauthorized firearm discharges.

Contact Information:

Free State Firearms, LLC
Tom Holland – President
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(785) 766-6862

National Gun Safety Consortium
Jim Schwarber – Board Member
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